#10 Black Mamba Penis Sleeve

Made from the luxury black silicone yet being very affordable, this sleeve will give your him some unforgettable times, filled with pure and intense stimulation. It is five inches in length and comfortable to wear. What more could you want from something with such an acceptable price?

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#9 Classix Penis Power Pump

This model has a 7,5-inch cylinder, while the sleeve and the pump are very easy to use, allowing him to quickly get himself to the seventh heaven through enlarging the penis to a rock-solid state. Get it for just 14,99 GBP and boost his masturbation like never before.

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#8 MaxPerforma Cock Ring Vibrator

This is a double cock ring, featuring powerful vibrations (in multiple speeds), which will make your partner twitch his legs from unforgettable excitement, and make his erection harder and stronger. Also, your clitoris won’t be left alone. All of this for just 8,99 GBP. What a nice deal.

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#7 Cock Up cock ring

The aim of this model is to strengthen his erection, and also make it last longer. He can also insert the testicles into it. It is made from flexible silicone, which makes this cock ring very comfortable to wear and easy to clean. Get it for 10,88 GBP and spice up the orgasm time.

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#6 Ultimate Bondage Restraint Kit

This set has everything that you’ll need to make your sexy time more interesting and memorable – handcuffs, hog tie connector, blindfold, ball gag, a spanking crop and a feather tickler. All of this for just 31,99 GBP, and you can start exploring the new ways of having fun with your partner.

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#5 MaxGrowth Vibrating Penis Pump

This model is very popular among the experienced users. It includes a 10-inch cylinder, a pump, a valve pressure release system and the best part – the love skin insert. It also vibrates – meaning that his penis will crave for this toy every day. Combined with a great price, this model is worth buying.

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#4 Tracey Cox Supersex Twin Silicone Vibrating Love Ring for Couples

Tracey Cox rarely goes wrong. Mind-blowing orgasms are guaranteed with this model – the manhood will stay big and rock-solid for a longer periods of time while the vibrations will make you twitch you legs from unbelievable amounts of pleasure. Get this powerful toy for just 14,99 GBP.

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#3 10 Speed Silicone Waterproof Rabbit Cock Ring

The ten speeds on this model are guaranteed to make his manhood strong and hard for a longer time than usual, and to make you wish that he could keep satisfying you for the next hundred years. What a nice thing to have around in your house, always ready to make thing more interesting.

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#2 Automatic USB Rechargeable Penis Pump

Using this model regularly will make his penis bigger – but that process won’t be anything painful but something so pleasurable that he’ll happily do it every day. It is easily rechargeable, making it one of the best models on the market, allowing him to have an unrivaled stimulation.

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#1 Bathmate X30 Xtreme Hydromax Ultimate Penis Pump Set

The ultimate model. It has 35% suction power than the previous model and offers him breathtaking results in just 15 minutes. This fantastic machine is something that he will treasure with care, getting happy every time he knows that it is the time to stick his manhood into it.

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