It is not an easy thing do to, to buy a sex toy for yourself or someone else. It is hard to know if you will even like it without trying it. But you can most certainly improve your chances of buying a sex toy that you will actually love.

For the starters, you should choose something not very expensive and which is also versatile, allowing you to try all sorts of things so that you don’t feel like you have spent your money for nothing. Before buying a sex toy, you should experiment with your hands to figure out which sort of stimulation works best for you so that you know what to buy later. It would also be a good idea to buy a book about sex toys.

In this way, you will find out what would you like your sex toy to do to you. Would you like some external stimulation? Or penetration? You can also choose between the toys that​ do things on their own, allowing you hands-free pleasure. Also, some of the toys are made for partner play, unlike the solo ones.

There is also a question on how much money to spend. You should know that the inexpensive toys probably won’t last as long as the luxurious ones.

Once you get a bit more experienced with toys, you should invest in the one that is a bit more expensive as it is less wasteful and will almost always have a better design, which might be important to you. But don’t do that if you don’t know exactly what you want, because there is nothing worse than spending over 100 pounds on a toy which will be used once and never again.

Another question is, are you perhaps allergic to some materials? You should find out are you going to have a bad physical reaction to the certain toy before you buy it. Ask the sex shop about it, and if they don’t know what to answer to you, never shop there again.


Some extra tips:

– Shop around. Buying online might be discrete, but you will not be able to see for yourself what you’re buying until it comes to your place.

– You can test the strength of the vibrator on the tip of your nose because the nose has a similar sensitivity as your clitoris has. If you feel the tickling, it will work for you clit as well.

– Don’t take the toy home until the sales person puts the batteries in it and shows it that it works without problems.

– You should avoid materials that might contain any toxic chemicals.

– You should find out if the shop has a return policy if your toy breaks.

– Keep in mind that some of the sex toys are waterproof, but some are, of course, not.

– Plastic vibes like pocket rockets transfer the vibration better than softer materials.

– Also, be aware that women over the age of 40 usually need more power for achieving the climax than the younger ones.