Everyone likes their toys completely clean and hygienic, and that is something that is really easy to achieve if you have the necessary cleaning products and the technique. Sex toys cleaning will take you just a few minutes, but your collection for pleasure could last for ages if you know what you are doing. Let’s how it is done:


If you want to be really hygienic about this, you should know that your sex toys should be cleaned both before and after you use them. And the only thing that you will need for that are willing hands, dry towel, sex toy cleaner product and, of course, some hot water.


You start cleaning by giving your toy a quick wash and spray with a sex cleaner, after which you leave it for about half a minute. After that, you take it again and try to clean the hard-reached areas like any sorts of ridges or anything similar, and then you rinse all of the cleaner with the hot water. If you do this right, meaning if you clean and dry your sex toys slowly and carefully, you will not allow for the dust and all sorts of bacteria to stay on the toy, because then it would look and smell awful. And that is not something you want.


Here are a few tips:


– Clean your toys both before and after using them.

– Remove the batteries (or anything similar to them) before you start cleaning.

– Don’t put away your sex toy before it is completely dry.

– Use a sex toy cleaner just to be sure you’ve cleaned it well.

– Leave the toy onto the kitchen paper so that it dries well.

– You should not leave the sex toy on a radiator or next to it. That is not the way to dry it.

– And also, you shouldn’t store the sex toys together, but separately.


And how do we clean the realistic feel sex toys? They are usually made from a material that is made in such way that it resembles the feel of the real human skin and cleaning these things is just a little bit different – you have to do something that will keep them soft and not sticky. You have to sprinkle it with a renewer powder so that you can counteract the tacky feeling. Then, you should put that toy somewhere else, keeping in mind that it should not be stored with the other sex toys.


As you can see, cleaning your bedside drawer companions is not as hard as it might seem in the beginning, and you should certainly do it whenever you can so that you can keep them, and what is more important – keep yourself clean and hygienic. Who wants to get a yeast or a bacterial infection from using a sex toy? Nobody. So, following these tips will hep you and your favorite sex toy to avoid any infections and diseases, giving you the peace of mind and the joy when using them.