When it comes to using the sex toys, the only real rule is that there are actually no rules. It it feels good to you, why wouldn’t you do it then?

But, then again, there might be just a few small things that you might want to know. Let’s, for start see what should women know:


Most of the women usually have their orgasms from the clitoral stimulation, and that means that they will need something to happen to their clitoris if they want to achieve the climax. Sure, some of the women can achieve vaginal, anal, nipple, g-spot orgasms and else, but for the majority it will come from the clit stimulation. Which means that people mostly use their vibrators and dildos on the clitoris, and there is nothing wrong with that. When you are starting out, you might want to lay in bed and try to see for yourself how does the vibration feel by putting the vibrator on the inner arm, where the skin is really soft. You can also do that on the back of your knees or see how does it feel on each of your nipples.

When you feel like you are ready, get it down there to your lower stomach and the inner thighs, making a small foreplay for yourself – and, of course, your partner is free to join you in the fun. It will make things cooler, and you can let him or her test out other areas of your body. If you feel ready for some real action, slide the vibrator on your outer lips. Turn it on low and caress all of your inner thighs and lips. You shall probably start feeling the blood flowing to the clitoris, so tease yourself for a bit more and then head out onto the clitoral stimulation.

There are some other things that you can do with it – you can play with speed, starting with the low setting and working your way up. If the vibrator feels too strong, you can also put a towel or something similar between you and the vibrator. Some of the vibrators have a pulsation setting. You can also play with pressure, pressing the vibrator deep into your skin. And when is the vibrator safe for penetration? When it is smooth, has no rough edges and doesn’t absorb bodily fluids. And it is always a good thought to put a condom on it.


As for the men, many of them don’t even have the idea that they can use the vibrator, thinking it only works on women. You can by the vibrator that is designed for men’s bodies, but most of them can be used by people of all genders. Explore your whole body by using the low-speed setting, and use the high speed setting around and on genitals, like for the example on the head of the penis and on the scrotum and the shaft. You can also use the vibrator on the perineum and press is deeply for the external prostate stimulation.