#10 Box of three Lubrix Condoms

For only 2,13 GBP, you can buy this little box which contains three strong condoms, and for a small amount of money you will have three memorable sessions without any worries. They can be used with sex toys, and if you need to use the lubricant – use the one that is water-based.

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#9 EXS Maxxx Protection Condoms 6 Pack

So, you want to feel safe during the intercourse, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money? Search no more, because this is as cheap as it gets. EXS Maxxx Protection Condoms guarantee you maximum protection for a price of just 2,49 GBP. You will get 6 condoms.

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#8 Box of six Lubrix condoms

You will not only get protection will these condoms, they can also offer you the maximum amount of pleasure. They are strong, with reservoir, and are electronically tested, and can also be put onto the sex toys. Get them for just 4,30 GBP and feel safe during the sex.

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#7 EXS Extra Safe Condoms (12 Pack)

With twelve of these bad boys, you will feel both safe and confident every time you have sex. They have a flared tip for a better comfort and protection so that you can peacefully engage in the intercourse without any worries. EXS Extra Safe Condoms can be bought for 5,99 GBP.

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#6 Pasante Extra Safe Condoms (12 Pack)

With Pasante, you can only get quality – which means that your every session will be a safe one, without any worries. This pack will give you 12 condoms, which are non-spermicidally lubricated and are also kite-marked. They are one of the bestsellers – get them for 5,99 GBP.

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#5 Manix Ultra Protect

With these condoms both the maximum protection and maximum pleasure are assured. Get this fantastic pack of 12 condoms, each of them lubricated, and set out onto the orgasmic quest with security and peace of mind. They are thicker than usually and have a smooth surface. Cost: 6,46 GBP.

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#4 Durex EXTRA SAFE Condoms

These are one of the bestsellers – Durex guarantees quality. Get this fantastic pack for just 4,99 and be sure that you are protected during sex, and penetrate without worries. They are thicker than regular condoms and have extra lubrication, providing you with both pleasure and confidence.

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#3 Durex Extra Safe Condoms (14 Pack)

The same as the previous package, but with 14 condoms! That means fourteen sessions, all of which will be totally safe, with only joy for you to think of. Get these condoms for 11,99 GBP and have a nice, confident sexy time with your beloved partner.

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#2 EXS Extra Safe Condoms (100 Pack)

This handy package will offer you one hundred extra-safe condoms, for a hundred protected sessions! What more could you want? You will get 100 condoms, each of them individually wrapped and thicker than the regular ones, but without lowering the sense of pleasure during the intercourse.

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#1 Pasante Extra Safe Condoms (144 Pack)

144 condoms? This means that once you buy this glorious package, you can easily set out onto the orgasmic quest with no end in near sight, with each session being a pure joy without any worries. This is how ultimate protection looks like – get it for 22,99 GBP.

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