#10 Pasante Strawberry Crush Condom – Loose

Spicing up the oral sex was never so affordable – for just 0,30 GBP you can get this quality flavored condom with a taste of strawberry! What a cool way to make the whole intercourse much more interesting than before, for both you and for your beloved partner.

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#9 EXS Hot Chocolate Flavoured Condoms – Loose

Everyone likes chocolate – that means that if you buy this chocolate flavored condom, the whole intercourse will be remembered as one stunning experience. With the price same as the previous item on the list (0,30 GBP), this a really affordable deal, so go and get it for a new kind of pleasure.

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#8 Pasante Blueberry Blast Condom – Loose

When people decide to buy a single flavored condom to spice up their oral time and turn up the heat in the room, they usually go with this one – and after they use it, they start using flavored condoms regularly. One of the bestsellers – take it for 0,30 GBP.

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#7 Skins Assorted Flavoured Condoms

For only 2,49 GBP, you can get this fantastic selection of flavored condoms which will certainly make the things in the bedroom more interesting. These are the flavors that you will get in the package: bubblegum, strawberry, banana, and mint. Isn’t this a great deal?

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#6 Pasante Flavoured Condom Saver Bundle – 20 Pack

This bundle of flavored condoms will keep your bedroom playtime interesting for a long time – every pack contains 5 flavors – chocolate, strawberry, blueberry and mint. You can also expect protection because this is Pasante and that means quality. Get this gorgeous package for just 4,99 GBP.

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#5 Skins Flavoured Condom Saver Bundle – 20 Pack

Skins is a well-known brand, and you can rest assured that you will be safe and protected each time you use one of their condoms. Skins Flavored Condom Saver Bundle brings you 20 condoms with fantastic flavors of strawberry, mint, banana and bubblegum, all of this for 4,99 GBP.

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#4 Skins Black Chock Condoms

Is chocolate and sex a perfect combination for you? If yes, hurry up and get this fantastic package which comes in two versions – 4-pack and 12-pack, each containing chocolate flavored condoms which will spice up the thing inside the bedroom like nothing else can. Cost: 2,49 GBP.

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#3 Skins Bubblegum Flavoured Condoms

This is was a hidden fantasy of many people for years until it was finally invented, as this is one of the best flavors that can be put into a condom. It is just delicious, so go and get it for a measly price of 2,49 GBP.

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#2 Fun Mixed Condom Saver Bundle – 15 Pack

This is how fun looks like – it is colorful and has many flavors. This bundle comes with 15 condoms, which means that bedroom will become your favorite room in the house. Get it for 4,49 GBP and set out onto the orgasmic quest of colorful pleasure.

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#1 Durex Tingle Me Condoms

This is absolutely awesome- Durex Tingle Me Condoms will bring a tingling sensation for both of the partners because is is coated in a special mint flavored lubricant. Get them for just around 10 pounds and see for yourself why is this a bestseller package.

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