#10 Durex Thin Feel Condoms

This is one of the cheapest packs of Durex condoms that your money can buy – you will get six of them, each being ultra thin with the purpose of taking your sexual pleasure to the whole new dimension. Get it for just 4,99 GBP and enjoy using it.

durex 10

#9 Durex EXTRA SAFE Condoms

These ones are a bit thicker and stronger than the usual condoms, making you feel very safe and confident during the intercourse, yet bringing you the pleasure of uninterrupted penetration. Get them for just around five pounds and make love with now worries and with a peace of mind.

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#8 Classic Jeans Condoms

The logo on this pack can certainly guarantee you quality, giving you the pleasure that you can easily trust. Get this pack for 5,78 GBP, and take a look at how these condoms are lubricated in latex and natural rubber. You will get 12 of them.

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#7 Durex Love Ultra Thin Condoms (6 Pack)

Prepare yourself and your partner fo the best penetration in a while – because these condoms are made of 20% thinner material than the usual ones, bringing you the pleasure that you always wanted. This pack has six condoms, and the cost is 7,99 GBP – a great deal.

durex 7

#6 Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed Condoms (12 Pack

With these condoms, pleasure is guaranteed. They are thin (great for the man) and ribbed (great for the woman), which means that the mutual experience of the session which is spiced up with these condoms will be something unforgettable. Get them for just 9,99 GBP and have a great time.

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#5 Durex Thin Feel Condoms (12 Pack)

The one thing that is guaranteed with these ones is greater sensitivity, as they are really thin, which is perfect for a pleasurable sex. You will get 12 of them in a pack that costs 11,99 GBP. Wouldn’t you call that one of the best deals that you’ve seen?

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#4 Durex Intimate Feel

What a nice deal these condoms are, as they are coming from Durex (which certainly means quality) and their price is totally acceptable – only 11,49 GBP. You will get 14 condoms, which are teat ended, transparent and extra- lubricated, and what is really important, they are dermatologically tested.

durex 4

#3 Durex Excite Me

As the name suggests, you will be excited, because these condoms bring excitement and joy, taking you to the new level of sexual satisfaction. You will get 14 condoms, with the nominal width of 53mm, each of them transparent and lubricated, and what is important – they are dermatologically tested.

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#2 Durex Ultra Thin

This is among the best that you can get for an affordable price – Durex Ultra Thin are condoms which are, as the name say, very thin, giving you the improved sensation. You will get 14 of them, so prepare for the long nights of fantastic pleasure for just 16,99 GBP.

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#1 Durex Real Feel Non Latex Condoms (14 Pack)

This is one of the best packs of Durex condoms that you can find on the market – you will get 14 of them, each of them featuring the RealFeel™ material for a very natural feeling. This is one of the most advanced technology when it comes to condoms and you will not regret the money.

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