#10 Glow In The Dark Pussy Opener

This thingy opens the pussy to the width up to 6,5 inches, and what’s even better, it glows in the darkness. What a nice way to heat up the things in the bedroom, and make your lover horny as never before. Get this superb toy for just 6,99 GBP.

fetwom 10

#9 Stainless Steel Anal Speculum

Pretty much the same thing as the previous item on the list, with the only difference being that it is used for the “other” hole. Anal experimentation and exploration were never easier than this, so go and take this Stainless Steel Anal Speculum for just 14,99 GBP.

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#8 Fifty Shades of Grey Tease Feather Tickler

A part of LoveHoney’s famous Fifty Shades of Grey collection, this feather tickler is a fantastic thing if you have always had an open mind about the intercourse. Caressing the skin with this thing can only lead to a better excitement and pleasure. The cost is 11,99 GBP.

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#7 Red Bondage Rope

Although both men and women can use this, it is put on this list because a lot of women like to be dominated by their man, and this is a perfect thing to turn up the heat in the bedroom. It is three meters long and costs just 4,97 GBP.

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#6 Bond My Desire

It is a pretty much the same thing as the previous item on the list, only that this is a tape and not a rope. The purpose is same, so take this beautiful pink tape and your every session will be truly an erotic one. The cost is 8,55 GBP.

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#5 Nipple Clamps

The everyday erotic quest will most certainly become the favorite part of the day for you with these nipple clamps, making the whole S&M session something to never forget. The clamps are adjustable, allowing you tighten them as much as you want. The price is 9,27 GBP.

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#4 Coquette Darque Wet Look and Lace Stockings

This thing is guaranteed to make your partner have an instant boner! These stockings are smooth and elegant, perfect for spicing up the evening like nothing else can. The cost is just around 16 pounds, making them a pretty good deal – a fantastic thing to have in your closet.

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#3 Fifty Shades of Grey No Peeking Soft Twin Blindfold Set

Yet another thing from the Fifty Shades of Grey collection – this blindfold set is a fantastic thing for taking the whole erotic experience to the whole new level. Get it for 11,99 GBP and you will certainly not regret a penny that you have spent on it.

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#2 Black PVC and Lace Body

This is just great! Any male who sees something like this will instantly become horny and think of nothing else but having some sexy time. Get this fantastic Black PVC and Lace Body for just 19,99 GBP, slip in it and feel like a true sex goddess.

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#1 Sex Swing

This is the ultimate thing to have in the bedroom, and it guarantees to change the whole sexual experience to something completely new. It is easily attachable to any door and costs just 35,75 GBP, making this an absolutely great deal. Get it and let the play commence.

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