Before Finding Love

19th February 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+

The taboo of the escort industry is diminishing year after year. Once an industry frequented by men who had sworn themselves to secrecy, it’s something that people are more open to speaking about nowadays. But what has caused this drastic change? The simple answer is love.

Whereas it may seem quite strange to combine the words love and escorts in the same statement, it truly is the answer to why the industry is one that has become more accepted by the men and women of London. This doesn’t mean that the men are falling in love with the women who fulfill their needs, in fact, it has a whole different meaning, one that revolves around growth, and self improvement.

The vast majority of men who turn to escorts, do so in times of need. An incidence such as a break up that tugged on their heart strings in a way that left them feeling lost and without hope, is just one example. During this time, rather than solely looking for someone to satisfy them sexually, they’re looking for someone who will listen, someone who won’t judge them, but instead, will just be there with ears open and a willingness to comfort. These men who have just gotten out of a relationship are used to being close to someone, they’re used to the kind of comfort that includes embraces, kisses and affection, and this support is often hard to find in other places.

Another group of men you will find, are those who are inexperienced and before they go on the hunt for a woman to love, they’re looking for someone who will teach them to satisfy women. In this case, it’s an ego game, a game where confidence is gained. Especially when looking at men in power, their need to be able to sexually fulfill the women they pursue is very high and in a sense, their work translates into this. They’re not people who accept failure well, and thus, rather than not knowing what they’re doing, they turn to an escort to assist them in improving themselves before they go out to find the woman they’ll spend the rest of their lives with.

Of course, there are men and women alike who turn to the escort industry for another reason. They are adventure seekers, people who know that London is a magnet for escorts from all over the world and are ready to jump in, head on and explore. Single men, married men, women and their husbands, you’ll see them all, fulfilling desires that have been tempting them for far too long. This is a part of loving ones self enough to not allow something that may be frowned by others to restrict them from pursuing the things that they know will satisfy them.

At the end of the day, fun is fun and the realization that life is too short to not take advantage of the excitement in the world is what gets many men and women coming out of their comfort zones and doing the things they never thought they would, but always wanted to.