The Best Massage for Foreplay

29th October 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+

The Best Massage for Foreplay

Everyone seem to just love that deep tantalizing touch…that warm, soothing and relaxing feeling that massage brings to our senses.

Everybody loves massages. So, giving your partner a great massage might make their bright eye light up with affectionate memories and expectation of how good it can feel all over. You can bring up the massage subject by asking if they ever had a massage, or you can ask them questions such as, “How do you always pamper yourself” or “it seem like you work is really hard, I hope you take time to at least pamper yourself”.

Afterward, take her there mentally, which means start to describe “the fragrance of the room, the relaxing feelings you feel, the soothing music in the background, the beautiful scenery that seem to be so peaceful…as you start to feel more and more peaceful, at ease, and relaxed….making you feel comfortable as if you’re somewhere peaceful and quiet. This feels unbelievably good.

Pre-Massage Prep

Turn off your phones, putting on special music, depending on your likes.

Illuminate your room with either soft indirect lamps or candles, burn sensual incense, select something that’s lightly scented and very neutral.

Now, ensure your fingernails are short, get massage oil warmer, keep your oils and lubricants within easy reach. Cover the massage stand with a blanket and then place a clean piece over the blanket.   You can even use pieces of feather or fur for additional bodily tantalization, and a blindfold, which can help to block out any unnecessary light but it’s not necessary.

Sensual Strokes

Lay your partner’s naked body down for an erotic strokes, while their body is down on the bed, and ensure that she is in a very comfortable position, this is vital. Rub the oil over her whole back in smooth, wide strokes with the middle of your palm. Do not knead her body just yet. Let the oil break through their skin as they get used to your hands on them :).

Rub them deeply and slowly: remember to be constantly sensual. Take your time and rub them in a way that makes them feel like you are willing to dedicate all the time you have in the world to only them. Keep your hands constantly on their body; occasionally get feedback of how she reacts.

Work your way from the back of their neck to the shoulders.

Stretch out their arms and massage their biceps calmly with your fingertips. Feel free to also tease the area that’s around the base of the spine since it contains lots of sensitive nerve endings.

After you have massaged the back and arms, work your way to their legs, especially the inner thighs since they’re really sensitive. The legs ought to be given special care. You do not have to be as careful as with their back, but remain gentle.

After massaging their back, legs, and their feet, have them turn over. Massage their chest, hands and arms. Glide down to their legs. It can feel so good to brush the genitals especially when going down the legs.

At this point their erotic energy is highly building and you’ll notice that they are wet when you actually brush against the genitals. At this point, gently kiss their stomach bit by bit working your way up the breasts. Do not get hasty with your moves. Massage Their body with your kisses and tongue.

At this point they will want you inside them so bad, they won’t remember they were getting a massage.