Canadian Cuties

Canadian Cuties

There is nothing more annoying for an inhabitant of the British isles, when they go abroad, to be told they have a cute British accent. As anyone will known, Britain is made up of three countries; Wales, Scotland and England. So when someone says ‘British accent’… will, this is non-specific. So we understand the plight of the Canadians who are asked what part of America they are from. If you’re not entirely sure what a Canadian accent sounds like, then we suggest spending some time with the EscortsTouch Canadian escorts we have, to find out for yourself, in person.

Independent Escorts

Believe or not, so many hot babes are from Canada that you may have previously thought were from the States. The biggest sex-bomb to walk the earth in our opinion, we hasten to add, is from the country of Canada. Pamela Anderson was born and bred in the country. Thanks to her drop-dead figure and sex-appeal that some women could only dream about, the demand for Canadian EscortsTouch escorts is high. With men looking for the blonde hair, the ample bosom and that soft toned voice, this type of woman is no longer just reserved for the wealthy and elite. If this is your exact type, then we’re confident you will find someone in the gallery that is perfect for you.

Alluring Accents

Their accents aren’t as rasping as their American neighbours. Not that it isn’t an alluring accent, it’s just the Canadian one is a little softer and seductive. Instead, you can lay back, and allow any one of the EscortsTouch Canadian escorts the UK has to offer ease any tension you might be harbouring. Their tanned skin and toned bodies show they look after themselves. Because of this, you are promised a mind blowing time with a Canadian EscortsTouch escort.